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Welcome Freshers

A warm welcome from our Dean and the President of MedSoc!

Professor Deborah Murdoch-Eaton

Welcome to the beginning of a new academic year, and welcome especially to those joining us in Sheffield.

Medical schools are of course crucial in developing future medical practitioners, and ensuring that by graduation you have the required knowledge and skills to be competent doctors. And Sheffield does superbly in that; well-evidenced in our graduates being much sought after. We are and should be very proud of our approach to selecting the “Sheffield” medical student, and what makes them special – ranging from our widening access students through to identifying those values and characteristics important in doctors.

But it’s much more than that – what makes Sheffield so special is about the breadth of what you can and do get involved in, both within the curriculum in your educational and clinical experiences,  our social accountability placements within the community and also the range of student led activities within and outside the school.

Enjoy your time here, this is a fabulous city, university and medical school and we look forward to you being part of a wonderful inclusive community.

…what makes Sheffield so special is about the breadth of what you can and do get involved in…

Phil Mitchell

Congratulations, you’ve made it. After twelve months of personal statements, stress and UCAS now here you are, about to take on 5 years which (full disclosure) will include at least one of those things. Some nerves at the start of this are of course are to be expected and you will have an abundance of questions. Where is my stethoscope? What is an omentum? Who is Krebs and why is his Cycle such a pain in the gluteus maximus?


Well with answers to all these questions and more is MedSoc. We are THE student-run society for medical students in Sheffield, running everything from Mock OSCEs and Welfare Cafes to helping organise 3 balls and numerous socials and supporting over 40 sports teams and sub-societies. 


On top of all of this we offer a range of exclusive discounts to members in all sorts of bars, shops and restaurants in Sheffield. That is the plug over with, if any of that has got your sympathetic nerves jangling, please have a look around our website and join via the link to the SU website.


All that remains to be said is we hope you have an absolute blast here in Sheffield, yes Medicine can be hard work but we hope to make it that little bit easier for you (and all the more enjoyable for it).


Phil Mitchell,


MedSoc Committee ’19-20

…we are THE student-run society for medical students in Sheffield.

A lifetime opportunity

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