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MedSoc Charity 2021-22

About Sheffield MIND

Sheffield MIND is a local charity that provides counselling, therapy services, practical and emotional support, as well as community connections and peer support to those suffering from poor mental health. Built on the principles of support and respect, MIND aims to de-stigmatise mental health conditions and seek parity of care for people with mental and physical illness.

Get involved!

MedSoc's Isolation Charity Challenge

This challenge has been created to show that it’s possible to try new things while in quarantine and that by doing them- you can help others too!

We want YOU to share with us how you’ve been staying busy and active during isolation. It can be something big or small- from running a marathon to making it through one page of a book you just cannot finish.

Maybe you’ll get inspired by our committee and try something new? We’ll be posting videos the over the course of the next month doing activities which have kept us entertained and sane over the lockdown.

Getting Started

  1. Post a video showing us how you’re keeping entertained and tag us in your Instagram story, Facebook post, or Instagram post.
  2. Then, go to our justgiving page and donate £5 to the Children’s Hospital Charity!
  3. If filming isn’t your thing, there is still a way to get involved! Go to our fundraising page and in the donation title share your way to combat the isolation routine.

All the money raised will go to a great cause – the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. In these hard times you can help some of the most vulnerable members of society by doing something kind to Yourself.

So join us! We’ll be looking forward to your videos and donations till 31st of May.

Past Events

MedSoc has supported local charities through organising events such as: 

  • Bake sales
  • Annual Medic’s Bar Crawl
  • Mayfest
  • Charity Football Tournament
  • Raffles

And many more!!!


Contact us

We run a number of fundraising events throughout the year at ours and the medical school’s events. If you have any ideas of your own or queries about the ongoing actions, do get in touch!


Sheffield Medical Society



Annual charity nomination

MedSoc members nominate one local/national charity to support each year.  A vote is held before the academic year begins; the winning charity is then selected as our annual charity.