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Prospective Students


Top application tips and student testimonies.

Prospective Students

Admissions Liaison Officer – James granger

Top application tips and student testimonies.

James Granger

Welcome from MedSoc!

Your Application

Applying to medical school is a very exciting and sometimes daunting process! Here at Sheffield MedSoc we hope to provide you with some resources and reassurance that can help you through the process!

To do this we have collated some resources that we feel might be helpful when considering applying.

General resources applicable to all medical schools:

These are some helpful resources specifically for Sheffield Medical School:

  1. The Medical School
  2. A100 MBChB Medicine – 2025 Entry
  3. A101 Graduate Entry MBChB Medicine – 2025 Entry
  4. 2021/2022 Admissions Cycle Timeline – Coming Soon
  5. Day in the life of a Sheffield Medic

Additionally, MedSoc is here to support you throughout medical school, starting from your initial transition into this new world! All new students are encouraged to join a Medic Family, comprising fellow freshers and senior medics. These Families are one part of a larger system to keep you well-supported throughout medical school! The welfare team stands ready to support you through a wide variety of issues.

Sheffield Widening Access to Medical School (SWAMS)

Sheffield Widening Access to Medical School (SWAMS), are a group of medical students who are passionate about challenging misconceptions, raising aspirations and promoting medical school and medicine as a career option to those who may not have considered it. 

SWAMS focus on providing free resources and support to students across South Yorkshire, but particularly in low areas of participation in higher education and medicine. These students might not benefit from the support and guidance available to many others and SWAMS exist to help remove barriers in applying to medical school.

To find out more about opportunities such as a mentoring scheme or to get free tips from social media, follow @sheffieldswams on Instagram, email or look at the website.

Our Students

Welcome from the Admissions Rep!

Here at Sheffield Medical School, you feel that the patient is at the centre of everything you learn and do! There is a strong sense of community throughout the medical school, and year groups are expected to interact and support each other’s learning, this goes from revision session to younger years acting as patients for final year practical mocks.

Early patient contact is prioritised through GP placements from the 2nd week to sessions with patients as educators throughout the course. These patient interactions will help to strengthen your communication, empathy and professional skills throughout the course which will contribute to you becoming a successful doctor!

At Sheffield Medical School we also have the privilege of being able to learn anatomy through full body dissection. Few medical schools still teach anatomy in this manner and I truly believe it is the most immersive way to learn this content. You will also have the opportunity to explore your personal interests through student-selected modules throughout the course. This part of the course allowed me to tailor my experience to the doctor I want to be in the future.

MedSoc is the largest society at the University of Sheffield, we represent over 1000 medical students throughout the years. We are a group of elected students who act as a student voice and are there to support you as you join us. We also run a first-year mentor programme (medic families), socials from balls to movies nights and support 40 student interest groups and sports teams.

I am proud to be a student doctor at Sheffield Medical School, as it is such a supportive and welcoming community. If you have any questions please email me at I look forward to meeting you all at open days in the future!

Cecelia Millar

Admissions Rep, MedSoc ’21-22