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Our Team

Committee Executives

Joy Bamidele


Hi everyone! I’m Joy, from Essex and I will be your MedSoc President this year! I am in my 4th year and currently Intercalating. I act as the bridge between the student body and the faculty, ensuring all your voices are heard! I am so excited to have lots of fun MedSoc socials and events and show you why MedSoc is Sheffield’s biggest and best society !

Sam Harper

vice president

Hi, I’m Sam, I’m MedSoc VP this year and I’m from Manchester. I enjoy running, playing badminton and reading. It’s my job to assist the President in their work, attend meetings and committees, help organise events and oversee the wider society 🙂

Sam Duke

Honorary president

I am the Medical Undergraduate Manager based at Rotherham Hospital. I have worked with medical students from the University of Sheffield Medical School since 2016, originally working at Barnsley Hospital. I thoroughly enjoy my role organising and supporting students through placement and look forward to working with committee.

Saima Ahmed


Hi! I’m secretary of medsoc, so I organise meetings and agendas, keep track of what’s going on and work on various groups to bring about change in the medical school! If you have any questions or worries, I am a point of contact!

Omar Al-Rubaie


Hey! I am Treasurer of MedSoc which means I manage our finances and organise sponsorships. I’m from South Bucks within the UK and this is my second year on MedSoc.

Beth Richards

Academic Representative

Hey, I’m Beth, your Academic Representative. I’m just starting my final year of Medicine and am most interested in Paediatric Surgery (which I intercalated in) and Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery. My role on committee involves overseeing all of our academic resources and events, and supporting students who have any worries or questions about the academic side of things. Outside of medicine I love going to concerts and comedy!

Abi Roy

Welfare Representative

Hi, I’m Abi and I’m really excited to be the medsoc welfare rep! I’m a friendly face who anyone can come to with any problems or issues, or if you just want to chat In my free time I love to go for play on the uni lacrosse team, go for long walks and play the clarinet.

Hayley Ng

Social secretary

Hi, I’m Hayley – one of the Medsoc Social Secs! I’m from Hertfordshire and am doing an intercalated masters in Human Nutrition this year. I’ll be organising all your favourite Medsoc socials including freshers fever, the legendary medics fancy dress bar crawl and lots more! We have many exciting and some new socials planned for this year! Can’t wait to see you guys at them!

Shiulie Gorai

Social Secretary

Hi, I’m Shiulie and I am your social sec! I am currently in phase 3a! My role involves planning the socials this year and I am really excited for you all to enjoy them! I’m happy to help if you have any queries!!

Committee Deputies

Aditi Dabali

Deputy Social Secretary

Hi, I’m Aditi! I’m a Phase 3A medic returning from my intercalation in Global Health at King’s College London this year. Having been involved in plenty of socials across the years, I can’t wait to set the social calendar into motion with the exciting events we have got planned for everyone! 🙂

Sandra Shibu

Deputy Social Secretary

Hi guys!
My name is Sandra and I’m one of the Deputy Social Secs. I’m currently in phase 3A, after returning from my intercaltion year.
We have lots of exciting socials and events planned for the coming MedSoc year and can’t wait to meet all of you in person!

Sayantani Mukhopadhyay

Pre-Clinical Deputy Academic Rep

Hi, I’m Sayantani, I’m in phase 2b and I’m the pre-clinical deputy academic representative. My role is to help make the academic part of the course slightly less overwhelming, so feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns! Outside of medicine, I enjoy trying out different restaurants and cafes in Sheffield since there’s so many amazing places!

Anastasia Walker

Clinical Deputy Academic Rep

Hi I’m Ana, as deputy clinical academic rep I support the academic rep with the later phases, organising and running mock OSCEs, finals teaching etc. My interest is in orthopaedic surgery and outside of medicine I love baking, and going out to the Peaks!

Jane Guan

Deputy Treasurer

Heather Brown

Deputy Welfare

Hi, I’m Heather and I’m excited to be your deputy welfare rep this year. My role is to support Abi out welfare rep and be another person you can contact for support and advice. Outside of medicine, I enjoy playing the piano and am a 3rd dan black belt in taekwondo 🙂

Committee Officers

Lucy Davis

Sports Secretary

Hi! My names Lucy and I will be your sports sec this year, overseeing all the medics sports teams and hopefully bringing us more victories! I mainly play hockey and netball but love going along to watch any sport – hope to see you on the pitch!

Maria Standen

Publicity Officer

Adithri Pradeep

Publicity Officer

Hello! I’m Adithri – I am currently in phase 2b and the publicity officer for Medsoc. My role is to run the social media pages and keep everyone updated with the society’s calendar. I’m always happy to help out with any concerns or up for a chat!

Bartek Kolsut

Technology Officer

Hey! I am Bartek and currently in phase 2B. My predominant role is to manage the website to ensure it runs smoothly. I’m currently interested in interventional radiology!

Celia Millar

Societies Secretary

Hi! Im a final year and the current societies secretary! My job is to help organise funding and other bits for the medsoc sub-societies! If you want to start a new society please get in touch!

James Granger

Admissions Liaison Officer

My role is to help prospective med students and liaise with the admissions teams. I am from Sheffield and my specialty of interest is rheumatology! My hobbies include dodgeball, bouldering, cinema and Asahi.

Trisha Dutta

International Officer

Hi! My name is Trisha Dutta and I am in phase 2b. I am your international representative for MedSoc this year. I am originally from India but have lived in Dubai, UAE most of my life. By being an international rep I would be able to share my experiences and tips on how to adjust to the medic life here as well as make sure international students have a smooth transition into university life. My hobbies include painting and playing badminton. I am really excited to be part of medsoc this year 🙂

Arpa Jahan

Intercalation and Electives Rep

Hi my name is Arpa and as your intercalations and electives rep, I liaise with everyone involved in Intercalation and Electives to make sure everything runs smoothly. I have previously been on MedSoc so if you have any issues about anything else you can always message me. I am originally from Spalding and I really enjoy cooking!

Jenna Markey

Charity and Events Officer

Hi, I’m Jenna! I’m from Stroud in Gloucestershire, I’m a 2b GEM, and I’m the Charities Officer for MedSoc this year! That means I organise fundraisers for our charity of the year Assist, a really amazing local charity that supports to people who are seeking sanctuary but have been refused asylum. I’m quite interested in acute medicine right now, but I’m always changing my mind!

Maria Salles de Barros

Postgrad and Mature Student Rep

Hi! Quick introduction – I’m Maria, just turned 25 and I’m from Carlisle. I’m also the GEM and Mature Student Rep for 23/24 academic year. My role is to help new GEM and Mature students integrate into their cohorts, organise tailored socials and revision sessions and be their main point of contact for any concerns you may have throughout the year. Most importantly, I’m here to help you enjoy your uni experience! At uni, I enjoy dancing, gymnastics/weight lifting and sunny days paired with a cocktail! I don’t yet have a speciality in mind but I definitely value a good work/life balance. Excited to meet you all in September!!

Ahmed Elkhider

Inclusion Officer

I’m a 3rd year medical student from Birmingham and ethnically from Sudan in North-East Africa. My time is mainly filled with chess and football. In MedSoc, my role is Inclusions Officer. It consists of ensuring everyone feels welcome and comfortable to be who they are without experiencing prejudice and discrimination. It also includes that a safe environment is maintained.

Phase Representatives

Anna Wallis

Phase 1/2a

Hi I’m Anna and I’m the current Phase 1/2A Rep (and Medics Netball Social Sec!). I’m from Hertfordshire and hope to work in Obs & Gynae. As a phase rep, I attend monthly meetings with the phase committee to relay information between students and staff. I am also there as a point of contact for any student in need of guidance and advice on where to access support.

Liam MacManus

Phase 2b

Hi, I’m Liam and as phase 2b rep it’s my responsibility to voice the opinions, concerns and feedback of my year to medical school. I also get to organise the halfway ball along with any phase socials. I’m from Milton Keynes and love hiking so the peaks are fantastic.

Molly Handy

Phase 3a/b

Hey! I’m Molly and I’m the Phase 3a Representative. I act as a voice for my year group, so I can relay any feedback/concerns to the medical school and hopefully help to improve students’ experience. I’m from Birmingham and moved to Sheffield for uni. I’ve been involved with Medsoc and a few other societies over the past 3 years and I’ve loved every minute. Make sure you get involved with anything you can – just go for it, because the 5 or 6 years here will go an awful lot quicker than you ever imagined!

Stan McKenzie

Phase 3b/4

Hi, I’m Stan, I’m from Southampton and I’m the MedSoc Rep for final year students. My responsibilities include liaising with the med school faculty about any student queries and important matters such as financial accessibility, foundation doctor job applications and placement concerns. I’m also in charge of the 2024 Graduation Ball organising committee!

Charlotte Jackson


Hey I’m Charlotte and I’m in my final year of becoming a Physician Associate. After completing my undergraduate degree in Biology I researched becoming a PA and instantly knew it was for me! I hope to spread awareness of the PA role to both students and staff whilst also integrating PAs into the med school more. In my spare time I love climbing and pole fitness 🙂

Grace Scaplehorn