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Our Team

Hi, I’m Grace, from South Wales and I am Medsoc’s President this year! I am a final-year student (sad times). I intercalated at Sheffield Children’s hospital in 2020/21, specialising in Orthopaedics. As president, I act as the student voice in faculty meetings and oversee the running of Sheffield biggest and best society!

Zoë Gabriel

honorary president

Hello, I’m Zoë and I’m an ACCS Anaesthetics trainee in South Yorkshire. I have probably met lots of you during my time as a Teaching Fellow at the Medical School. I am delighted to be working with MedSoc this year and will support you all as best as I can!

Sophie Allen


I’m an intercalating student, interested in paediatrics and surgery. Outside of medicine my hobbies including cheerleading and cooking!

Committee Executives

Hello! I’m Preethi and I’m the treasurer for MedSoc this year. 🙂

Stan McKenzie


Hi, I’m Stan! I’m a Phase 3a medic returning from my intercalation year. This year I’m MedSoc’s Secretary, which means I organise all our committee meetings and manage our emails, among other behind-the-scenes jobs.

Jonathan Sheridan

Social Secretary

I’m a final year GEM student originally from Liverpool, with an interest in infectious diseases. I’m this years social sec and have lots of plans lined up for fun year!


Academic Representative

Hi, I’m your academic rep for the year – feel free to message me with any curriculum questions you might have! I’m starting 4th year and sending more revision resources and educational support your way. 🙂

Mai Morita

Welfare Representative

Hi I’m Mai and am the Welfare Representative for MedSoc this year. Our goal for this year is to make sure we offer everyone a place they can go for support, whether it be from other students or the medical school. Feel free to contact us anytime for any support!

Committee Deputies

Shiulie Gorai

Deputy Social Secretary

Hi! I’m Shiulie, I’m in phase 2b and I’m the deputy social sec for medsoc! I’m really looking forward to plan some exciting socials this year and get to know everyone better!

Hayley Ng

Deputy Social Secretary

Hi I’m Hayley, I’m currently in phase 2b. I’m so excited to be your deputy social sec and have lots of exciting socials planned for the upcoming year! I’m also part of medics running society and nutritank society!

Beth Richards

Deputy Academic Representative

Hey, I’m Beth, your Deputy Academic Rep for the year. I’m returning from intercalation into 3a. Mac and I are more than happy to help you wherever we can throughout the year, so feel free to pop us a message! 💙

Millie Spencer

Deputy Treasurer

Hi my names Millie and I’m from Derbyshire. I love spending time with my friends and going to the gym. I am currently interested in emergency medicine, but i’m always changing my mind!

Abi Roy

Deputy Welfare

Hi, I’m Abi! I’m in phase 2b (starting third year in September) and I’m deputy welfare rep. In my free time I play lacrosse which I love, and I also play the clarinet and am in the uni wind orchestra.

Committee Officers

Evie Phillips

Sports Secretary

Hi I’m Evie this years sports sec. I’m a final year student originally from Oxford. I’ll be looking after all the sports societies this year. I’m a part of medics hockey club and play netball for the university, so you might catch me in roar.

Arpa Jahan

Publicity Officer

Hi I’m Arpa and I’m currently a Phase 2b medic. I am so excited to be your publicity officer. I am always available if you have any questions about the Medsoc events going on or just the course in general!

Joy Bamidele

Publicity Officer

Hi my name is Joy, I am currently in Phase 2b and I am Co-Publicity officer for MedSoc. I’d like to think of myself as a kind and approachable person who is always willing to help out with any questions, worries or concerns!

Omar Al-Rubaie

Technology Officer

Hello, my name is Omar, I am from South Bucks, and I am the Technology Officer for MedSoc. My role is to manage the website, communications, and systems for the society. In my free time I like computers (UNIX) and sports.

Siddharth Komperla

Societies Secretary

Hey! My name is Sid and I’m a Phase 3a medic returning from intercalation. This is my 2nd year on MedSoc, having previously been the publicity officer a couple years back. I’m a huge fan of American Football, hip-hop and travelling. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions about the course or societies!

Dina Hamed

Admissions Liaison Officer

Hello I’m Dina and I’m currently a phase 2B student. I’m the admissions liaison for medsoc which means I’m always around at open days and other events if you have any questions! A little about me is that I’m Syrian and have grown up between Essex and Dubai and before moving to Sheffield, I completed a Biomedical Sciences Degree in Kings College London. 

Khyati Mundrey

International Officer

I’m Khyati and I’m currently a 3a med student . Im most interested in Neonates and GP at the mein ent , but honestly my mind keeps changing. In my free time I like going to the peaks, playing tennis and painting.

Adaline Opare-Anim

Intercalation and Electives Rep

I am currently the intercalation and electives rep! Pop me an email or message if you have any questions about anything (I reply quicker to emails!).

Celia Millar

Charity and Events Officer

Hi, I’m Celia, a 3a medic who has just returned from intercalating in a master’s in clinical neurology. Other societies I am a part of include medics hockey and GP society! My role includes organising fun events to help us raise money for our charity of the year, St. Luke’s Hospice. My top tip for medicine is: common is common (and never subscribe a beta blocker for an asthmatic).

Natasha Gage

Postgrad and Mature Student Rep

I started on the GEM course in 2021 after studying Biomedical Science at the University of Surrey. I enjoy playing Lacrosse and Ice hockey for the university in my spare time. 

Saima Ahmed

Inclusion Officer

Hi, my name is Saima and I’m the inclusions officer! I’m here to make sure you feel represented within medsoc and the medical school as a whole, whatever your sexuality, gender, race and background. I will be advocating for gender, LGBT+ and race equality within medical education. I hope to work closely with students to achieve this!

Phase Representatives

Sam Harper

Phase 1/2a

Hi I’m Sam, I’m the Phase 1/2a representative and I’m from Manchester. My role involves communicating concerns and feedback from my year group to the faculty during meetings and helping organise MedSoc events for my phase. In my spare time I enjoy playing badminton, running and going out with friends.

Molly Handy

Phase 2b/3a

Hey I’m Molly, the Phase 2 rep! I’ve loved my time in Sheffield so far. It’s definitely a great city to live in and I’m excited to experience the rest of uni here. Some might say it’s a bonus that my Brum accent has mellowed now I’m a temporary northerner.😂

Josh Palmer

Phase 3a/3b

Hi I’m Josh Palmer, your phase 3a/b representative. Born in Tamil Nadu, raised in Barnsley. My role involves listening to the people and taking it up with the faculty. If you any problems send me a message! My interests are: cooking, walking meaninglessly around Sheffield and playing Super Smash Bros.

Lucy Price

Phase 3b/4

Hi I’m Lucy and I’m the phase 3b/4 rep this year. I have an interest in Emergency and Pre-Hospital Emergency medicine. Outside of medicine I enjoy running, climbing and mountaineering.

Owen Martin


I’m a 2nd year Physician Associate, here to try include PAs into Medsoc in all capacities (academic, social and welfare).

FY1 in Doncaster (vascular surgery > gastro > cardiology).

Academically – interested in emergency/pre-hospital medicine and medical education.

Socially – enjoy running, playing piano and bottomless brunching.