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Sheffield Ophthalmology Society


We are Sheffield Ophthalmology Society and we aim to:

  1. Stimulate interest in Ophthalmology – Eye diseases and the branch of medicine, surgery and science concerned with treating them.
  2. Organise lectures and talks with specialists in the field 
  3. Organise practical (hands-on) events e.g. getting used to fundoscopy and eye examinations
  4. Get involved with Charity Fundraising!
  5. Promote the discussion of current research
  6. Organise teaching sessions with Sheffield Ophthalmology Department to prepare students for exams and clinical placements
  7. Collaborate with societies both intra and extramural with the intention of producing our own conference
  8. Finally, and just as importantly – we are an inclusive society and we aim to bring individuals together through social events.

Get Involved!

Sheffield Ophthalmology Society