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North Wing

North Wing Magazine


North Wing is a student interest magazine focusing on medical opinion and review pieces. Originally founded by Sheffield medical students in 1935, North Wing has always been a not-for-profit publication that aims to stimulate thought and entertain. In 2017, we took a turn for the better and became an online magazine, with the aim to reach readership beyond the lush hills of South Yorkshire. The production team nonetheless remain true to their roots, and can still be seen writing, editing and scheming in Broomhill’s finest ale houses.

North Wing Magazine is supported by Pager Publications, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit literary organization that curates and supports peer-edited publications for the medical education community, at

We’re constantly looking for contributors from any discipline to join our team – if you’ve got opinions you want published, or art/design that you want to show off, drop us a line at

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