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Healthy Planet Society Sheffield

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We’re a group of students who work to raise awareness of the links between environmental change and health. We aim to educate, advocate and act on the intersections between ecology, climate change, and human health. We know that tackling these kinds of environmental problems, for example through clean energy, active travel, and home insulation, can benefit both physical and mental health. We believe that young people should have more of a say in the policies that will affect their futures in such important ways.


Our aims this year fall into four main categories:

  1. Communities project: We want to raise awareness outside of the University, starting with local schools. Members will be trained to run sessions with kids to show how to be environmentally friendly and why it is important to health.
  2. Sustainable choices: We aim to work with the University to make sustainable choices more attractive.
  3. Curriculum development: We’re already working with the medical school to make sustainability education practical and engaging and want to expand this to other departments as well.
  4. Advocacy and Campaigning: We will be joining other societies within the Sustainability Network to further strengthen the movement towards environmental justice.

How to Get Involved

Check out our facebook page for the latest updates!

Healthy Planet UK Webpage