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Acute Care & Trauma Society


The Acute Care & Trauma Society [“ACTSoc”] aims to introduce Sheffield students to Emergency Medicine and Trauma through teaching, lectures and clinical skills practice.

We run regular Simulation sessions and all have a passion for teaching acute medicine to medics and non-medics alike!


We also run the successful Community First Responders program, which trains medical students to respond to emergency 999 calls within their local area. Our First Responders provide care and reassurance to patients and their families until an emergency ambulance arrives. 


This year ACTSoc is aiming to teach university students CPR on Restart-a-Heart Day. 


ACTSoc also aims to highlight to interested students the way they can utilise their SSC’s and electives to help forge a career in Acute medicine branches. As well as organising and running talks by leading professionals in these field both from with in Sheffield and nationally. 


A big aim of ACT Soc is to publish conferences, papers and upcoming events to our society members to keep their current and up-to-date with the ever changing world of acute medicine. 

How to Get Involved

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