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We care.

We support local charities that make a difference.

MedSoc Charity 2022-2023

About St. Luke’s Hospice

St. Luke’s Hospice is a local charity that provides care to the terminally ill in order to help them live their best lives possible. They also provide training to other local healthcare providers to help them look after their terminally ill patients. St. Luke’s has been doing this pioneering and incredible work for over 50 years.

Donate and Help!

Help by volunteering

By volunteering for St. Luke’s, you can help them save on costs. They currently rely on a team of over 760 volunteers who provide vital help.

You can look into joining this incredible team by clicking the button below:

Help by donating

There are so many ways you can support St. Luke’s, one of which is donating. 

You can either donate with regular monthly payments, or a one-off one.

Your donation can help fund:

  1. Physiotherapy.
  2. Healthy Food.
  3. Support and Advice.
  4. Care at Home.

Click the button below to donate now!


Past Events

MedSoc has supported local charities through organising events such as: 

  • Bake sales
  • Annual Medic’s Bar Crawl
  • Mayfest
  • Charity Football Tournament
  • Raffles

And many more!!!


Contact us

We run a number of fundraising events throughout the year at ours and the medical school’s events. If you have any ideas of your own or queries about the ongoing actions, do get in touch!

Sheffield Medical Society



Annual charity nomination

MedSoc members nominate one local/national charity to support each year.  A vote is held before the academic year begins; the winning charity is then selected as our annual charity.